As one of the most trusted commercial and industrial masonry companies serving the Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, D.C. region, CF Masonry Specialists is committed to worksite safety. We are fully-bondable, with a solid financial foundation, and the capabilities to take on projects of any size, in any sector. We provide extensive training and implement policies that ensure we meet or exceed industry standards while still meeting the schedules and requirements of our clients.

Staff Training & Certification

With a designated in-house safety director, we’re able to emphasize safety in all that we do, from employee training to equipment maintenance. Our safety director is responsible for keeping our staff members up to date on all training and certifications related to commercial and industrial masonry. In addition, our safety director evaluates all of our safety programs, policies, and procedures every six months, to ensure we remain in compliance.

Each of CF Masonry Specialists’ foremen maintains an Occupational Safety and Health administration (OSHA) 30-hour certification. They conduct regular worksite and equipment safety checks on all jobs. All of our employees attend quarterly safety meetings, and we also offer various training opportunities including safe equipment operation, first aid, and CPR. Our employees are also encouraged to take part in our employee safety committee.

Policies & Procedures

Beyond the extensive training of our personnel, we uphold strict safety policies and implement procedures into our workflow that encourage worksite safety. Our safety director is responsible for maintaining a written safety policy, which includes an internal formal accident investigation program. All equipment, from machinery to scaffolding, is OSHA-approved. We offer safety incentives to our employees to reward safe worksite practices.

At CF Masonry Specialists, we understand how the worksite safety programs of every contractor can impact our clients’ goals. Our commitment to safety is a big reason why so many of the most respected commercial masonry contractors in the Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, D.C. region choose us. Contact us today to learn what CF Masonry Specialists can do for you.