Why Choose Us

With CF Masonry Specialists as your partner, you’re not just hiring a masonry contractor to complete a task. You’re partnering with a team of experienced masonry professionals that are committed to the success of your project. We have worked with many of the top construction contractors in the Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, D.C. region, on projects of every size and in every sector. A fully bondable commercial masonry contractor, CF Masonry Specialists has a solid financial foundation and established safety protocols that meet or exceed industry standards. We believe the key to our success is ensuring our clients’ success, from start to finish.

Our Management Team

The management team of CF Masonry Specialists understands what our clients require to accomplish their goals on time and within budget. We emphasize responsiveness and flexibility, and pride ourselves on always being available for a personal conversation when our clients need us. From contract procurement to project management, we work with architects, construction managers, developers, and general contractors to deliver results that exceed expectations.

Our Experience

CF Masonry Specialists has helped to build some of the finest commercial buildings in the Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, D.C. region. From office buildings to higher education, we have experience in nearly every sector of commercial and industrial masonry. We have earned the trust of many of top contractors in the region, and their continued recommendation is a testament to our capability.

Our Commitment to Safety

We are committed to worksite safety. Our personnel undergo extensive training and our in-house safety director implements policies and procedures to ensure we meet or exceed industry standards. Our written safety policy includes an internal formal accident investigation program and we offer safety incentives to our employees to reward safe worksite practices.